Library Preorder Campaign

Library Preorder Campaign

Announcing my library preorder campaign–here’s a way to support me, your library and your favorite classroom and it’s completely free!

1. Visit your public library or school library, either in person, over email, or online.

2. Make a request that your library orders a copy of NO PLACE LIKE HERE (paperback, e-book, audio, or all 3)–most public libraries have a form on their website or one you can fill out in person. Systems that use Overdrive also have mechanisms that allow you to recommend a book for purchase through the app.

3. Send proof of your request (screenshot, date of request, name of person you spoke with, etc.) to and include your mailing address.

4. I’ll send you a set of bookish stickers and a signed bookmark (international is okay!).

5. All participants will be entered to win a signed set of my 3 books to be donated to your favorite classroom.

That’s it–super easy and FREE!

AND stay tuned for an announcement of what digital thank you gifts will be coming your way if you preorder a copy for yourself–they’re beautiful, so hang on to your receipt ❤

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