Applying to College? I’ll Critique Your Essay.

Applying to College? I’ll Critique Your Essay.



Are you a high school senior working on a your Common App essay?  Got a university-specific essay you want a fresh set of eyes on?  Sometimes authors like to offer query help for authors looking for agents, which I do on occasion, and I thought I’d pay it forward with college apps as well.  How am I qualified to do this?  I’ve been a high school counselor for 11 years and have read hundreds of essays.

Here’s the deal:

  1. You must be a high school senior graduating in 2018.
  2.  You must have a completed draft of an essay to share – doesn’t have to be polished, but it does need to be finished.
  3.  Essays should be in Google doc format and ready for my comments.
  4. I’ll take the first 10 responders via this post.  Just leave a comment and I’ll give you the green light when I’m ready for you to send.  Do not send until you’ve heard from me.
  5. I’ll turn them around within a week.

Sound good?  Feel free to share with any senior who might be interested.  Happy writing!

9 thoughts on “Applying to College? I’ll Critique Your Essay.

  1. Hello Christina, not sure how many requests you have received, but my son, Ethan, would love your feedback- he is at school right now so can’t respond himself. He has worked really hard to make himself competitive and is now staring down his common app essay and wondering if it says what it should. His email is Whether Ethan gets picked or not- you are doing a really nice thing- thanks from all of us currently on this path! Will look for your books ! Wishing you continued success!-Bonnie


  2. Replying on behalf of my son Ben, who’s in school right now so can’t wave for himself. He’s finished his Common App essay and is nervous but ready for critique and polishing. Hope he makes it into the lucky 10! (And whether he does or not – THANK YOU for your generosity! I will find a way to pay it forward.)


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